Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You know those people who prattle on endlessly about their kids? I mean, even if the kids are cute, if you don't have kids, it gets kind of old ASAP. So I thought I'd tell you all about what Snicks has been up to lately. :)

Truly, there is no one on the planet with a better life than one, Snicks the Bunny. (Not the candy.) Sometimes I worry that I'm not providing him the best life, and then I realize: he is a freeloader. He lives here (in his own room, baller), he eats all his meals here, he goes to the bathroom here, he takes his naps here. Never see homeboy pick up a vacuum or attempt to do some laundry to help a brotha out.

A run down of what he does all day long:

Eats too many oats, collapses in food station. (#1. I mean, food station number one. As in, he has more than one food station.) 

Decides to take a nap in the corner. 

Realized he wasn't as comfortable as he'd like, so proceeds to squish his face in between his bowl and the wall. Cozy.

Realizes one food coma a day won't do, so re-stuffs himself.

"But I only had OATS so far today, not apples, so thanks for leaving that one on the floor." 

Finally getting some dang work done. 

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