Home Invasion

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sooo I go into my room last night to go to bed, and what do I see on my curtain but a big, scary bug with like 1638 legs. (And if you know me, you know I do NOT do leg.) I am a really bad blogger because my initial thought wasn't to grab my camera and snap a picture of the offensive bug, but after looking at Google images this morning, I found one almost the same:


Now, this is one of the biggest plights of the single gal. Killing these offensive -- let's just be honest they're not bugs, they're animals. So of course I'm hollering for Snicks to come help a person out, but, believe it or not, he never comes. 

I finally Cirque de Soleil myself to get a shoe while holding the curtain, and when I turn around I've lost the bug. So of course I'm holding a heel in one hand whilst moving the curtain around with the other, searching. After about three minutes, I see the breaker-and-enterer scurrying across the carpet towards the closet. I know for sure that if he is allowed to find sanctuary in the closet, it will be lifelong because there are 46 pairs of shoes in there. And it's dark. I unleash the almighty wrath of God upon this (alleged, he hasn't been convicted yet) intruder by heaving the shoe upon him several (hundred) times. I really don't advocate killing, but my thought is it has invaded my home uninvited, and I sure as shoot am not going to pick him up and take him back outside.

The minute I go to get some TP to pick up the remains, guess who comes sauntering out from under the bed like "Oh? You were calling me? Did you need something?" Bunnies.

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