7QT Friday

Friday, July 27, 2012

1. After a couple weeks off from being able to do Seven Quick Takes Friday, I'm finally back! I love these Friday "get togethers" because I feel really connected to bloggers from all around the country!

2. Not sure if you all have heard about this little issue with a little-known restaurant called Chick-Fil-A. Something to do with gay marriage rights and delicious chicken sandwiches. At any rate, I have nothing to say on this subject other than it's CHICK-fil-a. Not CHIC-fil-a. I cannot tell you the number of times I've read it in print spelled incorrectly lately and it's making me nuts! CHICK!

3. My best friend Melissa's little brother Tyler released an album today! An album! You can buy it on Amazon and iTunes. He is so talented! The album is called "Spirituals," and I am so exited to get a copy. I was even invited to the official launch party/concert this Sunday night and it's going to be so much fun!

4. So lots of interesting things have happened ever since my surgery. Namely, I think because I was the first person in this area to receive the surgery, the hospital asked me to film a PSA for the local news. The hospital does this from time to time, they're called "Cabell Huntington Hospital News Break" and they air randomly on WSAZ, our local news station. They interviewed me and my doctor, and even more excitingly, they came to my dance studio to film me teaching some of the little ones in class. I am really hoping this PSA will reach someone who is suffering from hyperhidrosis as I was, and through this, might find some relief. God willing.

5. I was going in to my house the other day when I realized that my recently-wed neighbors had a RIDICULOUS amount of trash outside their house waiting for the garbage man. I looked at my own (single, with the lid on, containing one garbage bag) trash can and it occurred to me how much less trash I use as a single person than my recently-married friends. In conclusion -- GO GREEN. Don't get married! :) 

6. This is going to go down in history as the creepiest quick take ever written, but I am obsessed with Grace Patton and her life. If you are not reading her blog, Camp Patton, then I seriously don't know how you are living a good life.  Her photos are ridiculously good and her writing style just cracks me up. The way she describes her kids and their antics... sheesh... it makes me laugh and I feel like I know them. 

JAVOedge Sparkle Bow Charm for Headphone Jack (Purple) (Quantity x 1)

 It is an iPhone hair bow. (Duh.) It's just beyond the cutest thing I've ever seen. I'm dying. A glittery hair bow for your iPhone. Must. Not. Click. On. Buy.

See Jen for greater takes!

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