Bert Alert - March 2020

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Some funny little things in the life of Bert lately:

- We were away from home somewhat late last Saturday evening, and so Bert ended up in bed for the night wearing a long sleeve onesie and black socks (no pants). Bert is -- how should I say it -- not a svelte person, and Joe took one look at him lying there in his crib and called him "Pugsley." I about died laughing, and the nickname has stuck. We love you Pugsley!

- One of my favorite things about Bert is how he opens his mouth up wide every time you put something anywhere close to his mouth. Even when he nurses, he will just lie there with his mouth open waiting to latch on. He's been doing the same thing with food, only it's more hilarious. If he even sees the spoon close by, that mouth is open!

- ... unless it's green beans. He tried those for the first time yesterday, and I have never seen his mouth shut so tightly! Once he tasted those, nothing could make him open that mouth! Little does he know, he'll be trying these again today! Ha.

- In case you ever wondered what the bib of a baby who recently sneezed while eating carrots looks like, here you go!

- I told Joe the other day we have to start thinking about getting some baby gates, and Joe was like, "Well, he still can't sit up, so I think we have time." And it's true. Bert still can't sit up. Honestly, he's not even trying. Most people were like "Your arms will get so toned carrying the baby around!" Uh, what has actually happened is I have chronic back pain and I think he sprained my left forearm with his fat.

Taken in the seconds between me propping him up and him face planting. I give this a D-, Bert!

And that's what's new with Bert!

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