Kiara, Tiffany, and Sabrina

Friday, June 23, 2017

It was finally sunny and warm today after days and days of clouds and storms and rain (thank YOU Tropical Storm Cindy), so I finally got to head to the pool.

I went around 11:30, and at the time I was going in, there was this young woman (mom? nanny?) and a little girl walking in the pool.

This would not be, of course, at all unusual, except for the fact that they were dragging in an inflatable unicorn.

I kid you not.

I have NEVER in my life seen a pool floaty this large and in charge. So,  of course, I did what any normal person would do, and I snapped a couple of discreet photos because someone else I knew other than I had to see this. Naturally, I texted these photos to two people: first, Colleen, because, well it's Colleen, and the second, Joe, because he needs to know the kinds of animals that live in his neighborhood.


Please look at this thing.

Right? RIGHT?!?

It took all I had to not get in it, especially because that poor thing seemed to spend most of its time at the pool floating around with no passengers. (As Colleen said, "Where is its owner?")

The little girl to whom the unicorn belonged was soon joined by two other little girl friends. The pool is not large and not crowded, so I could hear most everything the little girls were saying, and they really made me smile. From what I could hear, the little girls' names were Alexis, Ashlyn, and Caroline. However, every time Alexis would say, "Ashlyn!" Ashlyn would reply, "My name is Kiara!"

I definitely smiled to myself, remembering the days when we were all young and wished to have "prettier" names than we have. Names like Tiffany and Sabrina. You do you, Kiara.

Combined with the fact that the radio was playing songs by such artists as En Vogue, the Fuguees, and Mariah Carey, it all made for a pretty great day at the pool. :)


  1. Oh my God! I have always wanted a prettier name too lol I thought I was the only one. I love pools and I absolutely hate when I have to share it with somebody.

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