A Little Story about My Pap

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

On the way to yoga from school today, it was super sunny out, so I moved my sun visor down. The moment I did, I was reminded of this funny thing my Pap said last time I saw him. (A few weeks ago.) My Pap lives in Morgantown, and he is just the best person. I love him so very much. And he's seriously funny.

See, my Pap doesn't really drive too much anymore, so even though he's had his car a long time, there aren't many miles on it. He keeps it really clean and neat, though. From time to time my Aunt Elizabeth borrows it, and it was on this very topic my Pap was speaking. I can't remember how we got on this conversation, but he ended up saying, "I know she's been putting the sun visor down because it's loose!" Apparently Pap does not ever move the sun visor when he drives. He doesn't like it being loose. (I mean, it's not like driving with the sun in your eyes in any sort of safety concern.)

This cracks me up for the obvious reasons, but mostly it cracks me up because


Okay, no, I don't mind moving my sun visor around (see paragraph one -- not that I don't think about it now, though, and worry), but I do other equally as neurotic things. For example, I frequently walk around my classroom when I am teaching, and while I do, I turn the hand sanitizer pump around to face the front, straighten the pencil sharpener, and straighten kids' desks (while they are sitting in them). The students started making fun of me about this months ago and began turning things around on purpose just to annoy me. (Grrr ... haha.)

After hearing Pap talk about the loose sun visor, it made me feel better to know that I come by it honestly.

Pap and me. A long time ago. (Obviously.)

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