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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It is an indisputable fact that Snickers the Bunny loooooves Brussels sprouts. Typically this works out really well because I'll peel off a few of the outer layers for him and then eat the rest myself. Sometimes, however, I don't want to eat Brussels sprouts because I just can't do it every day, but he can, so I'll just peel some of the outer leaves off for him.

I've peeled about a blue million Brussels sprouts leaves for Snickers throughout his life. I try to set time aside to do this, but, honestly, I'm busy, so I've been known to just peel a few leaves off and then toss a few whole ones in the bowl along with them and call it a day. I've noticed, however, that the whole ones never get eaten. And I realized that maybe it's because his teeth just can't get a good grip on the whole ones and he's not able to eat them like that. So I felt bad and decided to always peel the leaves for him so he can eat them.

Which brings me to today. I sat down today with his bowl on the floor with my bag o' sprouts and started peeling them for him. He noticed what I was doing and pulled a few out of the bowl and onto the floor to eat. Totally fine. So he's snacking and I'm peeling, and when I'm done I put his bowl into his cage. As I turn back from doing that, I realize he's sniffing around wondering where the leaves went. He's not the most logical thinker, so instead of hopping in his cage to find his bowl (where it always is) he knocks over the bag of sprouts and one goes rolling out. So I watch.

And WOULDN'T YOU KNOW IT he starts chomping away at that whole sprout.  Nooooo problems. Nooooo difficulties. Just chomping away as if that was the sole purpose he was created by God. And I realized -- that craphead never had a problem eating those sprouts, he just prefers to eat the individual leaves and he knows I'll peel them for him if he holds out long enough.

Well played Snickers.

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