It was 1991 in the Cafeteria ...

Monday, October 27, 2014

It occurred to me the other day that I work in an historic room.

See, when I attended school where I now teach, my classroom and the one next to it were all one big room. It was our cafeteria, where we ate our lunches every day. The school has grown a lot in all these years, so now the old cafeteria is two classrooms.

But in 1991, it was the cafeteria.

Also in 1991 my friend Ashley and I were in the first grade. And I have a very clear memory of sitting across from her at the lunch table one day when she told me she was "going to be a doctor and marry a doctor and have lots of money."

Well, here's Ashley now:

That's her photo on the faculty page of her program, In His Image. All these years later, spot on.

I believe first grade was about the time I wanted to  be working at McDonald's because I loved Happy Meals. I guess we can't all be Ashleys. :)

But really -- it made me smile the other day when I realized that I am teaching in the same room Ashley told me this years ago. In the same building where we began our friendship all those years ago.

Life is so funny, isn't it?

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