In Defense of "Smelly" Rabbits That "Poop a Lot."

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Some of the most frequent things I hear people say about rabbits now that I have one is how much they smell and how much they poop.

Well, I'm here to tell you something: nope.

Snicks doesn't smell. At all. In fact, he is a scent absorber. Once when I took him to the vet, this older lady wearing a lot of perfume petted him, and he smelled like perfume the rest of the day. Another time, my brother Alex came over and was petting him, and then I picked Snicks up and got a whiff and was like "Why does Snicks smell like chicken wings?" Alex had just eaten some BBQ wings at BW3, and Snicks carried the aroma for the next couple of hours.

Saying rabbits smell is a falsehood. If you think they smell, what you are smelling is their litterbox and/or cage. What I suspect happens is that people have only ever encountered rabbits in inappropriate locations like classrooms where the poor thing never gets out of his or her cage and no one regularly cleans the cage or litterbox. Try going to the bathroom in your house and never, ever flushing. "You'd" probably smell too.

Snicks does poop a lot, but guess what -- he poos in a litterbox. Also, his poo looks like Cocoa Puffs and doesn't smell. It's like little rocks that you can easily pick up off the floor when he inevitably kicks some out of his litterbox while trying to jump out. I would put my rabbit's poo up against dog or cat poo any day of the week.

I am house-sitting for a really nice family that has a cat. I'm not really a cat gal, but I'm okay with looking after one so it doesn't starve. Let me tell you what ... cleaning out her litterbox has not been the least-smelly experience of my life. Additionally, I was about to leave yesterday when I noticed something on the floor. The likes of which I had never seen. I got close, and I was like ... is that a ... hairball? It looked like wet poop. Seriously. I wadded up about 6 paper towels in order to pick it up and throw it away. Let me tell you who would never cough up a hairball. Baby Snickers.

People act like rabbits are so uncivilized. To that I say


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