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Friday, February 22, 2013

Linking up with Jen and Company today!

1. Last weekend I found some cards at Target that say "Happy Bunny Day" on them. Now, I realize what these cards are trying to say is Happy Easter, but I bought a bunch anyways because when is it NOT a Happy Bunny Day in this house?

Got a 3-year-old bunny starting to learn to read here, folks. 
2. Speaking of bunnies...

Are you dying?!?

3. I was cleaning  my house earlier, and I found a bottle of bubbles I got as a prize a while back at Billy Bob's.* I thought maybe if I  blew some bubbles while I cleaned it would be like that scene in Cinderella. And it kind of was. :)

4. I was reading some archives of a blog I recently discovered, and I'm so glad I did because I got the neatest idea for a party... and I'm throwing it Sunday! It's called Glams and Jams, an Oscar Party. You wear your pajamas decked out with your fancy jewelry and watch the Academy Awards! (When I say "fancy" I feel like I'm six years old.) My friends Melissa, Sarah and Jenna and my sisters Erin and Emma are coming. I am so excited! I have ballots for us to vote on what we think will win and we're going to have lots of great food. Celebrate the little things, I say!

5. I realize that I'm like eight months behind everyone else, but the Mumford and Sons album Babel is outstanding. My sister Erin burned me a copy months ago, but I misplaced it in my car so I never got to listen. I found it recently and have been listening to it nonstop. There are so many good songs it's impossible to pick one. However, there's this one line that I loooooooooove on their song "I Will Wait": Raise my hands, Paint my spirit gold. PAINT MY SPIRIT GOLD. I love that! And if you are anything like me, if you find a song you like, you listen to it over and over (and over) really loud while driving in your car. THE BEST!

6. I'm in the Junior League of Huntington and every year we do a Character Breakfast. (Kind of like the ones at Disney World, but with a bunch of different characters in this big ballroom.) For the past couple of years I have assisted by working the ticket table, but this year is a whole new ballgame -- I'm playing Merida from Brave! I am so excited because that movie is so good AND I am going to be popular! (Popuuuular.) My costume is really cool, but the local costume shop didn't have the right color wig. (The one they had is like Ariel red, not Merida orange.) So I ordered on on ebay... I am praying that it will be here on time. It HAS to be here. I will cry if I'm not 100% authentic.

7. My sister Emma (18) is in town for the weekend from where she goes to college three hours away, and apparently my brother Alex (23) told my other sister Erin (26) that he really wants to hang out with all of us. (?) So me, my sister, my sister, my brother Alex and Alex's girlfriend Alex (no, not a typo) are all going to dinner tomorrow night. I'm really looking forward to it!

7a. This seems so poignant to my life lately:

*Billy Bob's Wonderland is a poorly named Huntington, W.Va. version of Chuck E. Cheese. It's been around since I'm not sure how long, as I used to go there for friends' birthday parties when I was a kid. 

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  1. Ha! #7 is so funny!

    The character breakfast sounds like fun!

    Love the bunnies and Cinderella~

    Thanks for sharing!


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