Two Stories about Snickers

Sunday, April 3, 2016

That is the face of a rabbit who is appalled that it took (or, maybe surprised it ONLY took) his mama three weeks to figure out why he stopped hanging out/napping behind the magazine rack.

See, I have this magazine rack in the corner of my bedroom. And Snickers frequently naps there or rests there, and I think that's because he feels protected. So, a lot of times I will put my decorative bed pillow over the top if it, thus creating a dark burrow for him, which he loves. Or, rather, I thought he did. Until about three weeks ago when he stopped ever going back there. Occasionally, when vacuuming, I would wonder about why he never went back there anymore, but I decided that maybe he just was over it. (Or forgot about it.)

Silly me.

Yesterday evening I was in my room, and I looked down at the magazine rack and it dawned on me. It was too close to the wall. I had moved it too close to the wall for him to fit. So I looked over at him (he was in the room), and said, "Oh Snicks. I am so sorry. I am going to move it out for you right now, and whenever you're ready, you can maybe ..." He came running right over. With a look on his face like, "Thanks idiot."

I felt awful. That poor rabbit. Haha.

I also had a dream Friday night that I had more than one rabbit. I have actually had this dream before a few times that I have two identical rabbits, but I only ever see one at a time, so I can't be sure that I have two, but I think I do. (I have no idea where this comes from!) But on Friday night I had a dream that I actually had three rabbits. Two were identical, but one was just a little different. I kept looking at them and saying, "Which one of you is Baby Snickers?" Then I finally pointed at one and said, "YOU! You are. You were always my favorite."

I don't even know. My life.

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