Comedy of Errors

Friday, July 17, 2015

Something appealing,
Something appalling,
Something for everyone:
A comedy tonight!

... or in my case, A comedy today.

Let me explain.

I have been thinking a lot recently about how I need to work on being more easygoing. I am the epitome of UPTIGHT. I like order and rules. And when people stay in order and follow the rules. However, that is no fun and no one likes to be around someone like that. My sister, Emma, for instance is very easygoing. And I like that.

This morning I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for 9 a.m. I had scheduled it last summer during my last appointment so that I could go to it during the summer when I wasn't teaching. So I get up, shower, and trek the 20 or so minutes to the appointment and arrive around 8:50/8:55. ... Just to find out that apparently they had rescheduled my appointment and allegedly mailed me a card about it that I never got. And they rescheduled it for 9 a.m. on a day when school has already started again. Fantastic.

Then I drive to my parents' house to use their printer, just to find out that Marshall's parking pass fee has gone up since I last applied for one. Fantastic.

Then I went to my nail place to get my nails done, which is the one fun thing I regularly spend money on because, for whatever reason, having my nails done makes me feel like a more put-together person. (I don't know either.) There was an hour wait.

So I put my name in and went to Sheetz to get gas and fill my tires with air. This is where I found out that one of my tires is missing the valve cap.

Since today is the first day that it has been sunny here in what feels like years, I decided to head to the pool for a while. I packed my water and snacks and drove there, and when I arrived I realized that my water bottle had leaked out all over my tote, so ... no water. And everything was wet.

Then I realized there were about 84957394857320587 people at the pool today, but I decided to just find a spot and go with it. 'Cause that's what easygoing people do. ... Until I realized that the only thing there was more of at the pool today than people was BEES. There were bees EV-ER-Y-WHERE. I honestly couldn't read for a full minute before I had to swat a bee away. So I left after about 90 minutes.

Also, I started Go Set a Watchman today, and I'm really enjoying it, but suffice it to say there is a wompwomp moment near the beginning of that book that I can't elaborate on because *spoiler*, but trust me.


Goodness and badness,
Panic is madness --
This time it all turns out all right!
Tragedy tomorrow,
Comedy tonight!

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