Snickers Says

Monday, June 8, 2015

One of my favorite things to read is bloggers writing about "conversations" they have had with their kids. (My very favorite one is "Julia Styles" on Camp Patton.)

I thought it would be fun to ask Snickers a few questions and see how he reacted! (Obviously he's not going to speak. I am not that crazy.)

Me: Snicks, is there any way you can make dinner tonight?

Me: Snicks, if you sort the laundry, I'll put it in the washer.

Me: Snicks, would you like to start an Instagram like that cutie Wally? Colleen would just love it.

Me: Snicks, do you ever think about the fact that you are a rabbit? How weird is that?

Me: Snicks, we are going to need to go to the vet for a check up next week.

Me: *Sound of refrigerator door opening*

Yep. That's about right.

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