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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Adventures in Being Anna Today:

- In 8th grade we were reading a story where one of the main characters is described as having a three-octave range. The kids were saying how impressive that was, and I was like "It is, but I think Mariah Carey has, like, a seven-octave range." (Turns out it's actually five, but, still, impressive. I know nothing about music.) The response?

"Who is Mariah Carey?"

I kid you not.

Oh, and then, three people all at once:

"Oh! She's Nick Cannon's wife."

...................................... yeesh.

Then another kid, "I have never heard that name before in my life."

Oh boy.

- I have been packing my lunch for school in an effort to save money. I haven't been feeling great the past couple of days, so last night I went to bed early instead of making my lunch. I ordered lunch at school today and was delighted to see it was breakfast for lunch. (I love that.) French toast, eggs, cinnamon pears, and bacon. I take my plate to my desk, and take a bite of the bacon ... where a piece promptly gets lodged between my gum and my molar.

So I'm sitting there like WHAT DO I DO? because I have A PIECE OF BACON STUCK IN MY GUMS!

I try to pick it out, and I get a little bit. So I'm feeling around with my tongue and it feels different. I can't tell if my gum is just sore or what. Fast forward to FIVE HOURS LATER and I'm sitting in my graduate class, still feeling around with my tongue, and I DISLODGE ANOTHER PIECE OF BACON from my gums. Where I had been carrying it around. Since lunch. I still am not sure if there is any remaining bacon in my gums.

- I, sadly, have a mouse issue in my apartment every winter. A friend was kind enough to send me the world's best mouse trap ever, the Rat Zapper. (If you need one, GET ONE. You will not be sorry.) The selling point is that you can just dump the trap into the garbage can without ever seeing the mouse. Unfortunately when I got home today, the Rat Zapper was blinking. (Nooooooooooooo.) I drag the trash can over, pick up the zapper, and empty it into the trash. I look long enough to see a falling image drop into the trash can. Then I shut the lid and put the trash can back.

No I didn't.

I looked.

I looked in. It was like a car wreck. I couldn't look away.

And that was my day. (Along with some other stuff.)

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